The Importance of Religion in Canada


It is a cultural system of behaviors, practices and ethics

Religion is a cultural system that provides authority to individuals and communities on moral and social issues. It also establishes the ethical basis for social behavior. While many Canadians are moving away from traditional forms of religion, many people still draw from their religious heritage for their personal values. Religion is important in shaping social behavior because it acts as a social control mechanism and promotes self-control.

It is an impersonal force

The term religion can mean a variety of things. It can be a personal relationship with a god or an impersonal force. One example of an impersonal force is gravity. When it enters a room, objects tend to fall to the floor.

It is unassailable

One of the most fundamental arguments in favor of religion is its unassailability. This statement is an approximation of the true definition of religion, and it provides a tactical advantage to those who argue that religion is a permanent reality. It also helps to keep religion safe from the scythe of scientific criticism, which can cut down particular forms of belief. Religion has roots in man’s nature, and if the scythe of science should strike them down, new forms of belief will emerge to replace the old.