What is News?


What is News? What do you get from it? If you read a newspaper, watch a TV program, or listen to the radio, you are probably familiar with what news is all about. However, if you don’t know what news is, you may want to consider what it is not. Essentially, news is information that impacts our lives and is new and different. Here are some common examples of news. Read this article for more information.

News is information about current events

The definition of news varies widely. For instance, it may be information about wars, natural disasters, and other current events. Depending on the source, news may be provided through various media, including word of mouth, print publications, postal systems, broadcasting, and electronic communications. It can also come from the testimony of witnesses or observers. In some cases, news may be manufactured in order to influence public opinion. Today, however, news can be an important source of information.