What Is Newsworthy?

News is information that tells us what’s happening in the world around us. It may include information about politics, sport, crime, economics, business and other topics of interest. The news media is made up of print, television and radio. It also includes online news sources and social media sites. Keeping up with the news helps us make informed decisions and stay current on events in our own country and abroad.

News stories are often based on fact but may also contain opinion and commentary. Some news stories are breaking or up-to-the-minute, while others are in-depth and require substantial research. Regardless of the source, all news articles should be written objectively and without bias. It is important to fact check any information that you are unsure of and be wary of clickbait headlines that may exaggerate or distort the truth.

Whether something is newsworthy depends on its novelty, interest and significance to the public. An assassination of a politician will be big news, while a fire at a local restaurant will not. Similarly, a political coup in your neighbouring country will be big news, while one in your own is unlikely to be. A story about a famous person can also be big news, as long as it is unusual, interesting or significant.

A good news article starts with a lead or nut graph which summarises the main points of the story. The lead should grab the reader’s attention and be intriguing, for example through a dramatic anecdote or a surprising fact. This leads into the body of the story which explains who, what, when, where and why. The last paragraph of a news article usually places the new developments in context, providing further background and explaining why they are important.

The news media is sometimes controlled by governments, which makes it a risky and dangerous job for journalists. Journalists are often attacked, arrested or even killed for their work. This is especially true in developing countries. However, the Internet has allowed news from repressed areas to spread more quickly and easily. It is now possible for people in oppressive regimes to read the news through proxy websites and social media platforms.

A good way to find out about what’s newsworthy is to ask people who you respect where they get their news. Asking a teacher you respect, for example, can give you a clue about what news channels they watch. Similarly, ask friends what news apps they use. You can also look up what’s trending on Google, which will show you popular searches and stories that are currently being talked about. Finally, you can try out different news apps to see which ones feel right for you. Remember that most of these apps have their own slant on things so try to choose the ones that fit your interests. Also, remember that you can always get the news from a newspaper or magazine too, if you prefer.